Phulka Recipe – How to make Phulka Recipe


  • 2-1/2 cups wheat flour
  • salt
  • thin buttermilk or water.

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  • Knead soft dough with above ingredients. Break off to a table tennis – ball sized (even smaller) bit of dough.
  • Roll with help of dry flour to a thin round. Roll as thin as possible (about 2 mm thick).
  • Heat griddle (tawa) and place phulka it.
  • When dry on one side, turn. When brown spots appear on second side, turn again. Use a kitchen towel and lightly press and phulka, rotating at same time. It will puff. Make as crisp as desired.
  • Apply ghee on crisp side and serve hot. Practice is required to make the phulka puff fully, so don’t lose heart. Serve hot with vegetable curries.
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