Lachcha Paratha (Layered Indian Bread) This style of paratha has several layers and turns out delightfully crispy. Its light, flaky texture is the perfect accompaniment to any thick-gravied, hearty Indian dish. Try it with your favorite tikka masala or masala gosht,


  • 2/1/2 cups wheat flour
  • salt
  • thin buttermilk or water

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  • Knead a soft dough with the above ingredients.
  • Make a 4 mm thickness round about 6″ diameter. Apply 1/2 tsp ghee and spread all over with fingers.
  • Fold into half. Press greasy fingers onto it. Fold again to quarter. Press with fingers.
  • Roll in dry flour. Now roll out again to a triangle about the size of a roti.
  • Heat griddle (Tawa) and place roti on it. Turn to roast other said.
  • Now put a little ghee on both sides and shallow fry till crisp. Serve hot with any desired accompaniment
  • Lachcha Paratha (Layered Indian Bread)

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