If you love makai ki roti you will surely like besan ki roti as well. You can eat besan ki roti with anything such as daal, but its combination with lehsun ki chutney is just mind-blowing. Besan ki roti is basically just flatbread with lots of flavor and is a healthy option as it contains protein. So Here is Besan Ki Roti and Chili Chutney Complete Recipe


1 kg             Gram flour (sieved)
2 cups         Whole-wheat flour (sieved)
1 bunch      mint (chopped)
1/2 tbsp      Red chili powder
1 bunch      Fresh coriander (chopped)
1/2 tsp       Cumin seeds (crushed)
4                Green chilies (chopped)
to taste      Salt
1/2 cup     butter

Chutney Ingredients:

1 large bunch      mint
1 cup                   Tamarind pulp
6                          Dried, ground red chilies
6 each                 Green chilies, Garlic cloves
1 tbsp                 Jaggery
to taste               Salt

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  • Mix all ingredients with gram flour; knead into a firm dough;
  • Set aside for a little while
  • Shape dough into balls; roll out into discs
  • Toast discs on an iron griddle from both sides; remove and apply butter on them
  • To make chutney, blend mint, green chilies, red chilies and garlic in a blender; remove in a bowl
  • Add tamarind pulp, jaggery, and salt; pour in a saucepan
  • Cook for a few minutes; remove in a dish;
  • Serve with hot Besan Ki Roti and Chili Chutney

Health Tips:

  1. If you’re feeling anxious and stressed, eat a melon. Melons help relieve anxiety and stress, plus they boost your metabolism.
  2. Start learning a new language or how to play an instrument. These actions help slow down the brain’s aging process.
  3. Skipping a meal can cause you to gain weight. Your body thinks you’re going through a famine, which causes it to work in energy-saving mode and makes burning calories more difficult.

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